Keeping the mosquitoes away during summer

No one wants their outdoor time in the summer ruined by disease-carrying mosquitoes. The annoying buzz, hurtful stings and the thought of being injected with an infectious disease is enough to keep us indoor and safely out of reach of mosquitoes. But mosquitoes can make their way indoors too, through open, screen-less windows and other openings, so it’s better to discover ways of keeping the mosquitoes away during the summer than to try to hide from them. Take back your outdoor fun this summer with these tips for repelling and eliminating mosquitoes.

No Breeding Ground

Make your landscape unfriendly towards mosquitoes by getting rid of all potential breeding grounds. Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water and by pouring out all standing water from flower pots, old tires, buckets or anything else in your landscape that holds water you will prevent the nasty insects from breeding in your yard.

Bird Baths

Bird bath and other shallow water features that are prominent in the summer landscape are choice breeding ground for mosquitoes, and to keep the stinging tyrants away you have to be diligent at cleaning these water features. Change the water in a bird bath at least once a week and opt for deep water features that keep the water moving so the eggs and larvae won’t reach adulthood.

Natural Predators

Goldfish feed on mosquitoes and their larvae, so if you have a backyard water feature, place a few goldfish in it to act as natural pest control and keep the mosquito population down. Bats and dragonflies also feast on mosquitoes and their larvae and help keep the insect problem at bay.

Oscillating Fan

A couple of oscillating fans set up in your outdoor entertaining area will do more good than a couple of smelly citronella candles at keeping the mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes are very weak fliers and the increased air flow produced by a couple of fans will keep the stinging tormentor blown away from you and your guests. The increased air circulation will also help keep everyone cooler on a muggy summer evening too.

No Fragrance

Mosquitoes are attracted to anything with a fragrance, including hair-care products and oils, deodorant and hand lotion. When going outdoors, avoid using grooming products that have fragrance.


Apply chemical mosquito repellant sparingly to keep the blood-suckers from biting you. Spray repellant into air in front of you (about 2 feet taller than you) and walk into the mist for a good head-to-toe coverage of the product.

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