5 Best Pest Control Methods – Pest Management

Getting rid of annoying and filthy pests can be a real pain if you don’t know what to do. You will have to consider your personal situation before deciding the best pest control method to use. Exam: If you have a respiratory disorder, pets or small child you may want to use a non toxic method.

Below are our 5 best methods to getting rid of your pest, you be the judge on which is the best pest control method for you.

1.     Homemade Pest Bait

Purpose: The nontoxic pest removal method purpose is to get rid of your pest without causing harm or health concerns to humans or pets. For getting rid of roaches and ants.

You will mix a solution of equal part non-granular boric acid, granulated sugar and white flour. The sugar will attract your nasty pest, the flour will make your pest food inescapable and the boric acid will kill your annoying pest.

Place your non-toxic pest food in corners and under kitchen appliances where pest travel. Apply fresh pest bait every 2 weeks until pest are gone.

2.     Commercial Pest Bait

Purpose: Baits will lure pest in and allow them to carry poisons back to their nest killing the whole nest without harmful sprays or toxins exposed to humans or pets. For getting rid of roaches, ants, mice and other small pest.

Baits are made of child proof containers with pest food like bait to lure pest in. Place baits where pest are seen underneath sinks and kitchen appliances.

3.     Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Purpose: Electrically powered device designed to repel or eliminate pests. Good for getting rid of bugs, mice and rodents and other pest.

Several devices can cover the whole area to be protected.

4.     Pest Traps

Purpose: Trapping devices will trap animal for disposal. There are no toxins used. There are inhumane and humane choices of traps depending on the prey and user.

Pest are lured to traps that are placed in corners or areas pest will frequent. Traps can snap, glue or capture the pest.

5.     Professional Grade Spray Cypermethrin (Poison)

Purpose: Cypermethrin is a professional grade pest repeller that will eradicate all insects and is highly toxic. There are others.

It is best to spray on the outside of your home and in your basement. Not safe for pets or children. You cannot buy cypermethrin from your local home improvement store.

A professional is licensed to use stronger chemicals in a way to keep all family members and pets safe. Keep your household clean and free of cracks and leaks to prevent reinfestation.

Which of these 5 best pest control methods is best for you? You be the judge.

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